The BIBO Awards


Started in 2013, The BIBO Awards honor and celebrate exceptional female role models, leaders, entrepreneurs, and community servants. Each year, the event will be held in 2-3 cities. A formal, purple carpet event, a portion of the proceeds generated through sponsor dollars and ticket sales will be allocated to fund the programs and initiatives of The BIBO Foundation that primarily serve disadvantaged young women.  There are 14 award categories that the awards recognize

•Amazing Overcomer
•Legacy of Beauty Award (1 awardee per city; 60+ years old)
•Outstanding Animal Advocacy
•Outstanding Athletic Achievement
•Outstanding Community Cause Leadership
•Outstanding Education Leadership
•Outstanding Entrepreneurship
•Outstanding Film & Media Achievement
•Outstanding Green Movement Crusader
•Outstanding Holistic and Emotional Healing
•Outstanding Mentorship
•Outstanding Military Service
•Outstanding Community Political Leadership
•Outstanding Spiritual Leadership
•BIBO Man of the Year
•Founder's Award

BIBO Awards Show Format

The awards show is a 90 minute to 2 hour program. Local celebrity presenters and live entertainment are showcased.  An “Oscars-style” format, nominees in each category are presented with an award onstage. Honorees will receive the coveted Reflection Award trophy.  Trophy recipients will be announced live at the event.

BIBO Awards Demographics (attendees and viewers)


18-64; culturally diverse; educated


Average household income of $65,000


Women (75%) Men (25%)


Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Nominate A Woman Who Shines!

The BIBO Awards celebrates and honors female trailblazers, role models, and leaders in local communities. Nominate a trailblazer that we need to know about! Fill out the information below and please read the selection process criteria as well. Thank you!

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