The BIBO Foundation

Providing Purposeful Mentorship and Much Needed Funding to Disadvantaged Young Women

Supporting Young Women...Changing Our Future

The future is FEMALE! Women are more prosperous, more outspoken, and more influential than ever before in history. However, many young women with dreams of making a difference are still struggling to survive in their communities and have limited resources to realize their full potential.

The BIBO Foundation strives to fill in these gaps by providing mentorship to young women in high school, to prepare them for college and beyond. Additionally, we strive to support them financially through grants to help them start their promising futures!

The Power (and Need) of Mentorship

“The passion and efforts of this organization is inspiring. Excited to be a part of their mission to develop strong and successful young women.”

Debbie Turner


Because the first step in changing the future of a young woman for the better is to support her with financial resources to move forward! Please join our mission to not only change the life of ONE deserving young woman, but change the lives of MANY! The future of ALL of us depends on it.


Whether you are interested in becoming a mentor, are seeking a qualified mentor, or want to donate to our grant programs…we would LOVE to hear from you!